It’s not just Alok Nath who gives us ‘sanskari‘ sermons, Zee’s Subhash Chandra has joined the league too. For those who were happy and high enjoying Coldplay perform at the Global Citizens Festival, have a word of advice from the Zee head.

Soon after the concert, Chandra tweeted that he was sad that people were dancing and drinking while watching Coldplay and questioned if they knew anything about Rabindra sangeet.

“I was saddened to see our youth smoking, drinking wine & dancing in COLDPLAY my question do they also know Rabinder Sangeet & other cultural,” he tweeted.

With a couple of tweets, he also raised aspersions on how well do the Indian youth know the aspects of the Indian art form. “Aspects & Indian art forms? It’s high time we make our own cultural heritage COOL for our youth which is better than Coldplay,” he added.

As expected, the twitterati did not like any interference. The media mogul and Rajya Sabha member soon landed in the middle of a controversy with tweeple hitting out at him for his sanskari advice.

In fact, he was even taken down on how he misspelled Rabindra Sangeet by calling it ‘Rabinder’

Questions were also raised on how Chandra’s own channel at times does not follow the so-called sanskari route.

Chandra even tried to tone down the criticism against him but a few more tweets, but it seems twitteratis are not interested in listening to any defence.