You may or may not be a Harry Potter fan, but there’s no way in hell that you are not beguiled by the stunner that our oh-so-amazing Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger is.

And today, she has given us all the more reasons to love her. We are all aware that Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is coming out as a movie “a moment to rejoice that please :D*, and the first look of the movie has blown our minds. How gorgeous is she even looking?


But, there’s so much more to Emma Watson. The woman has time and again stood against blatant sexism in the industry and has urged the women out there to come out of their shells and strive away.

This time, Emma Watson has refused to wear a corset as a part of her costume as Belle in the movie. For those, who are not aware what a corset is, it is a  tightly fitting undergarment extending from below the chest to the hips, worn to “shape” the figure. Basically, it is meant to give you a slim figure.

Actresses who have played the role of a Disney Princess in the past have put their body through this horrible pain of trying to fit themselves in the corset in order to look like the Disney princess we were told looks like in the animated movies we’ve seen through our childhood.

For Instance:


Photo: Disney

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the costume designer Jacqueline Durran revealed that Emma wanted a costume that would allow the character move about freely, run around and jump if it had to. The corset would have definitely restricted some kind of active moment. She essentially wanted the Disney character to be the free-spirited that our adorable Emma Watson is. And We could not agree more.

“Belle is an active princess. She did not want a dress that was corseted or that would impede her in any way,” she said.

And does she look any less magical without the corset?

Beauty and the Beast | Walt Disney Studios Image For

(Courtesy: Walt Disney Studios)


Beauty and the Beast | Walt Disney Studios Image For

(Courtesy: Walt Disney Studios)

Beauty and the Beast | Walt Disney Studios Image For

(Courtesy: Walt Disney Studios)

Nope, she does not. And we need to applaud her for this.

With this, Emma Watson is only striving towards breaking the mold and shattering stereotypes. I mean, why can we not imagine and dream to be an Ariel, Jasmine or a Belle with the natural figures instead of a non-existent waist? How beautiful will the world be if allowed and accepted the way we naturally are?

Moreover, do we really need to promote the non-realistic perceptions of fairy-tales that starve you to achieve that thin frame? Nope, we don’t! The Winds of changes are blowing and it is liberating to see Emma leading the pack.

More Power to you, Emma!