“Life hits you hard. But it takes you three seconds to decide if you are a superhero or not. I am”, said Hrithik Roshan when asked about his motivation in life. The actor who made a spectacular debut in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai is undoubtedly one of the most desirable actors in the Bollywood industry.

Not only he charms everyone with his masterly dance moves, but the actor has emerged as one of the fittest actors in the B-Town. Popularly called as the Greek God, Hrithik has strived hard to achieve a fit body. His tremendous transformation especially after Guzaarish, indicated that nothing is impossible.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan
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Be it Krrish 3 or Bang Bang, the actor has always ensured that his fans get enough reasons to drool over his well-sculpted body. His haters say that it is easy to attain such a body as he has the luxury to utilise the best facilities in the world, but what nobody understands is the fact that despite his hectic schedule, Hrithik’s zeal to stay fit helps him in ensuring that he leaves no stone unturned to surprise his fans movie after movie. So what you see on screen is a result of hard work! (Fitness enthusiasts will definitely understand that)

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Staying true to his healthy routine, the actor has spoken at length about his workout schedule. When asked about his fitness mantra, Hrithik told TOI:

When it comes to fitness, I’ll propagate just two magic words, which have helped me tremendously. First is `initiative’. You need to take that first step. The second magic word is `consistency’. Even if you are taking baby steps, take it every day.Do something for five minutes, but do it every day.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan
(Courtesy: Instagram

He added that you do not need to take big steps to achieve a feat. Even little progressive initiatives will ensure that your body changes for good. He added that one must utilise all the resources available. The greek god went on to explain that people assume that he has all the luxuries in life and can afford all these costly trainers but even at the age of 16, when he had no money, he made sure to avail every resource available to him.

The point is that all you need is sheer perseverance and a disciplined schedule to be the next person to flaunt a chiselled body on beaches or gym. Hrithik’s workouts do not last more than 40-60 minutes. He abstains from lifting very heavy weights and believes in experimenting with his workout routine.

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