As the elections in Punjab is gearing up, Congress’s Chief Ministerial candidate Amarinder Singh said, “I am 100% confident of winning in the upcoming elections in Punjab, it is also because of my experience as I have been in this game for 47 yrs”. On growing menace of drugs in the state he told that if Congress comes to power, in four weeks he will break the drug nexus, “We know who does it, it is a question of government willing to do it”.

While attacking on Badals, Amarinder said, Akalis are total mismanagement in the state, corruption is increasing, there is a huge amount of loss in trade, farmers are hanging themselves; it is a total collapse.
Parkash Singh Badal is too old to understand and is busy doing his sangat darshan. He is giving step mother treatment to the state.

On Aam Aadmi Party fighting elections in Punjab, Amarinder Singh said , “Kejriwal is a sneaky little fellow but I’m little wary of him as we can’t take him for granted considering 2014 polls. He is very ambitious but that’s not the ambition Punjab needs. He also added that as per the current status and reports we (Congress) are leading in the state and from now on lead can only go up and it can’t go down.”

Amarinder Singh says, he enjoys social media and love to argue if someone says something incorrect. When asked if he losses the elections in Punjab this time, he said , “I never fight an election that I don’t win”. Earlier he had announced that it was his last election and he would indeed defeat the Badals on their home turf.