Dogs are stupid but there is no debate about the fact that they are the cutest. Whether you own a dog or not, merely observing their amusing behaviour would make you fall in love with them. Breeds don’t matter because the degree of dumb-wittedness may vary, so some people who own these adorable creatures make sure that they take full advantage of their cuteness, dressing them up for photoshoots and videos that make them look even more adorable and stupid and lovable. Dogs (and for that matter any pet) do make your life better and even science has a proof of it now. People who own a pet and spend time with it are happier than those who don’t We wouldn’t want to believe otherwise. So, go get a pet for yourself right now. If you cannot, don’t be disheartened, we have got you some of the most amazing dog photos to make the rest of your Monday more bearable.

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Dogs are fun, dogs are amazing and they are even more fun and amazing when they are posing for the camera. Have a look at these photographs where these creatures are simply happy posing or are completely oblivious to the fact that they have actually been dressed up as a strawberry. LOL. Dogs are gentle souls. They are pure brilliance.

Check them out:

1. I have eyes. Seriously, where are your eyes?

Where should we go next…. #MJsMojo

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2. Thug life.

3. A photo shoot for me because I am suffering from cold. I’ll be good. (We translated that Maltese for you)

4. Do I look like a strawberry to you? No, right.

5. They have wrapped me like a ‘hooman’ baby but I am good. 

6. Just Chilling.

7. I’m here just because I am cute and adorable and lovable…

8. Yoga is good for health

Wilf (@workingcockerspaniel) just hit 1,000 followers! Congratulations, Wilf! #mydogiscutest

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