From protein supplements urging women to be ‘beach-body’ ready comes a respite in the form of this teaser of cover by Miss Eaves slated to release in August. Called Thunder Thighs, the song doesn’t take long to shoot down all body-shaming notions of this model-crazed world. All women have been made aware of the ‘appropriate’ summer body look which spells: no cellulite, no thigh gap, no thunder thighs, no bat wings, no calories, basically no fun.

Thunder Thighs breaks stereotypes and celebrates all body types which is going viral online. Miss Eaves, the singer who has been known as Shanthony Exum, has released this new song from her upcoming album Feminasty, called Thunder Thighs.

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Miss Eaves is unaware that she is creating a revolution. Miss Eaves has previously been known to call herself the “feminist storm” and we couldn’t agree more. This body-positive song is a masterpiece with women unabashedly grooving to the beats. The video features women of all shapes, sizes, colours, and ages having the time of their lives.

With an undeniably catchy tune and casual confidence of these women, you are sure to appreciate the theme of body positivity and accepting one’s body structure for who they are.

In its entirety women are enjoying their bodies, celebrating themselves and the sisterhood of being plus-sized. Shot in the the iconic New York neighbourhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, the song is a tribute to women with thick thighs and big butts is sundresses and mom jeans, and is basically the summer anthem we didn’t know we needed until we got it.

It is, in all its glory encouraging thigh-slapping cellulite-loving colour, a witty ode to any plus-sized woman. The chant will catch on to you “chub rub, thick thighs, thunder thighs.” The video already has more than 200,000 views with women calling it their summer anthem.

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