These days it has become a trend in professional sports that the organisers put in some extra in professional sports to add to the entertainment quotient. This is because professional sports is not only about sports but a number of other things as well. But all these things help in the popularity of the game. Now see this video. A security officer started dancing like Michael Jackson. As soon as the camera focuses on him, he starts to feel the music. He unbuttons his jacket and dances like Michael Jackson. Though it looked staged but the crowd got its money’s worth.

This goes on to say that dances still sell. And who else can sell it better than Michael Jackson. The dance was MJ style and so was music. The security personnel clearly cashed on MJ’s popularity.

This was not the first time that a security personnel performed. One of the most famous videos recently was when a security personnel was coerced into a dance-off by a mascot. Astros Mascot Orbit challenged a security men into dancing. First the man didn’t play ball. But then he showed his moves to the public. And what solid moves he had got. The public also acknowledged the . super moves with a standing ovation. Even the mascot saluted the man.

In basketball, there is a trend of dancing camera. When the camera focuses on an individual, the person will start dancing. A spectators there started dancing like Michael Jackson. There were other people as well who were dancing in funny ways. But the MJ performance was superb.