Indian captain Virat Kohli is smarter than what England’s captain Alastair Cook thinks he is. Captain Kohli has played enough cricket to know the tactics and mind games played by the opponents. The player, who has played 48 Tests in his career, caught one of the tricks being played by the England camp. The kind of comments Cook and his team mates are making is a full-fledged strategy by them. But Captain Kohli knows it well.

England captain Alastair Cook and fast bowler Stuart Broad had said recently that England were the underdogs in the series. But, Virat Kohli had other ideas about these comments.
He said it might be a carefully crafted strategy to spring a surprise.

“I think some team might want to play it low at the start of the series and then surprise the opponent, but we are quite aware of those things. We have experienced those sorts of tactics in the past,” PTI quoted him as saying.

Kohli further said the Indian team does not get carried away by the adulation. He said the team takes constructive criticism well. But, nor the praises or criticism make it lose focus.

On the question of DRS, Virat Kohli said it was not a rocket science and that the team had observed on TV how the technology worked. The BCCI has finally agreed to using the technology on experimental basis and there is inquisitiveness as to how the Indian team approaches it.

India will play the first Test match of the five-Test series against England. The last time they traveled to India, they were victorious. England had defeated India 2-1. However, this time, the Indian team is in a superb form. It is the favourites to win the Test series.  The Indian team recently defeated New Zealand 3-0 and most of India’s key players are in form.