Misbah-ul-Haq will always be remembered as the WCT20 2007 villain for playing that obnoxious scoop. But his tale remains as one of the most inspiring in Pakistan cricket history. As he calls it a day from cricket a game he took up late in his career, he still remains one of the most recognised and reputed cricketers the land of Pakistan  has ever produced. He retires along with another Pakistani great Younis Khan, who again has been a great ambassador of the game for Pakistan.

Misbah in his farewell speech said, “I would like to thank Almightly Allah, whatever I had, whatever success I got throughout my career, to end like that, I couldn’t ask for anything better.

“Then I would like to thank my family: my mother, my sisters, and especially to my wife Uzma who supported me and was always there. This series was only for her because I could have finished in Australia. She just convinced me and the fans that I have to come.”

“And this team, too, most of these players said, ‘You don’t have to end like that. You have to go winning and performing well.’,” he said.

“Throughout my career, all the coaching staff, managers, trainers, doctors, and especially the colleagues, teammates, class fellows, teachers, who really supported me throughout my career, throughout my life and would be praying for me. Thanks a lot.

“And fans all throughout the world. Not just Pakistan. Even in West Indies, all the guys they’ve been coming to me, wishing me all the best for the rest of life. But it’s life, everything except the Almighty Allah has to end, whether it’s bad or good,” he added.