Australian captain Steven Smith has again crossed the line, he is a repeat offender and it is high time ICC steps in and takes a few stringent calls against this cunning Aussie cheater, Steven Smith, yes it is you! You have made it a fond habit of yours to do that, you must be abusing your near-and-dear ones and then saying that ‘sorry, it’s a brain fade’. It seems you (Steven Smith) and ‘brain fade’ are in a romantic relationship, nice man! Mr. Smith, you look toward the dressing room, seeking help and then call it brain fade. Did you see the press conference of Virat Kohli when he fell just short of calling you a ‘cheat’ because we respect and welcome outsiders even strangers, that is the Indian culture. Then how dare you abuse in our land, aren’t you Aussies taught any good habits at home, well I am sorry to say this but that is what it appears.

Then your Australian media comes in for your defense drawing parallels of Virat Kohli to the U.S President Donald Trump. Don’t you think your presence in this series has made it the most ‘toxic’ ever? Don’t you think you have taken cricket to newer lows? It seems this Aussie behavior is contagious, Michael Clarke had it and Steven Smith has taken over, not a bad trend. When will you ever grow up? Don’t you think keeping the spirit of the game intact is a bigger responsibility for the numero uno batsman in the world?

Oh, finally yesterday when Murali Vijay took a catch that looked out from the naked eye, but the DRS took into consideration many aspects and adjudicated that not out, why on earth did you think he was cheating. That too the wicket of Josh Hazlewood, understandable if it was yours but.