She’s admired her. She’s bested her but never before had she emulated her. During her tour in Australia, last night, Adele performed in Melbourne, Australia and completely blew away the crowd of over 75,000 present at the Etihad Stadium. However, it wasn’t her singing that did it like always. The 28-year-old British singer imitated Beyoncé during her performance and the crowd just lost it ’cause she has never done this before. Heck, she has hardly ever even danced before!

With the wind in her hair, Adele did a bit of a half-squat as she spun her head as she jumped on Queen Bey’s Crazy in Love. To be perfectly honest, she might not have been able to channel Beyoncé but she looked bloody hilarious!

As she attempted to pull one of Beyoncé’s classic dance moves, she said, “I don’t know how she does it, even just squatting down then … how does she do it.” She told her band to give her a beat and she proceeded to spin her head around.

“Oh s**t, what’s going on with me hair, medic, medic,” she said. “Hang on put the camera so I can see myself down there … Zoom in a minute, I’ve got dodgy hair,” she added.

The two singers are nearly always pitted against each other but, they are actually great friends. Recently, at the Grammys, when Adele won Album of the Year against Beyoncé, she got emotional and dedicated her Grammy to Queen Bey.