The tenth season of the high-octane reality show Bigg Boss has witnessed a lot of melodrama lately. It was only last weekend that the host of the show Salman Khan ousted contestant Priyanka Jagga after she used cuss words for Lopamudra Raut and misbehaved with other fellow inmates.

With Priyanka’s exit, the inmates and a large chunk of viewers breathed a sigh of relief as she was the notorious one. Though Priyanka left the show it didn’t ensure that ‘ill-repute’ exited with her as the self-proclaimed Godman Swami Om was still part of it.

Swami Om had built a reputation of getting into trouble with fellow contestants for little reasons. In the past, this habit of his started many spats in the precincts of the house. But something which he did recently got Swami Om out of the house.

It so happened that Swami Om interrupted the captaincy task.

For this week, contestants Manveer Gujjar and Rohan Mehra were pitted against each other to become the captain. The task demanded both of them to pluck flowers from the mud. The one to pluck maximum flowers in a given time was to be declared the winner.

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In the middle of the task, Swami Om started plucking the flowers and annoyed every contestant. An outrageous Gaurav Chopra asked Swami Om to stay out of the task. Staying true to his nature, Swami Om did not listen to him.

Things took an ugly turn when Rohan and Swami Om took off their mics and got into a physical fight. An agitated Rohan slapped Swami Om and request Bigg Boss to throw him out of the show. Rohan also added that he didn’t care about breaking the Rs 2 crore contract. And in the end Swami Om was asked to leave the house.

Maybe, the makers of Bigg Boss have understood that the self-proclaimed Godman was bringing nothing but filth on the show.