The Delhi Queer Pride Parade, which was held this Sunday on November 27, was a huge success as it witnessed the greatest turnout yet. People had started gathering around the corner on Tolstoy Marg and Barakhamba Road from 2 pm, an hour before the march began. The Pride Parade, which was the ninth such annual event, was more colourful than ever. It was also different in the sense that it did not just focus on queer folk but also worked towards empowering other minority sects of the society or people who are discriminated against. The 2016 pride celebrated women, disabled, Muslims, Kashmiris, Dalits, Northeast Indians, adivasis and demanded their Azaadi (freedom).

Before the march began, people decided to entertain themselves with songs and striking up cheery conversations with absolute strangers. And for people who happened to spot this one guy, Myron (honestly, nobody could’ve have missed him), their day only got better. Myron, who is originally from Canada, has been in India for over 9 months and attended the parade to promote human rights as, he believes, India is lagging in that domain. Myron is excellent at hula hooping and kept the spirits of the parade high by dancing his way through entire walk to Jantar Mantar.


Myron (left) donned a nath and a bindi

It is astonishing that in a country where sexual acts for same-sex couples are yet to be decriminalised, the public came out (pun intended) and displayed immense support towards the cause. The security officials reported that the parades go on smoothly and there have never been any counter-protests.delhi-pride-parade-two

The event was funded by the public through fundraiser was organised early in November. Last Sunday, at another event, the masses gathered at the Lodhi Gardens to create colourful posters to be exhibited at the parade.


While some posters explicitly stated the agendas of the parade, some others were just plain fun and full for clever word-play.

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