Suede Gully - Where art meets rebellion, culture meets swag and music meets color

Suede Gully- India's first street collaboration is just the place to be if you love music, art and dance

Seldom does a single music video do justice to the vibrancy of true street art. Brought together by PUMA in celebration of their iconic Suede sneaker, Suede Gully is a rare gem that encapsulates in 3 odd minutes what some movies fail to capture in 3 hours! The song, which might as well become India’s new street anthem, features countless creators, who come together and create something much bigger than their individual selves.

Suede Gully is a canvas that exudes charisma. A collaboration of creators from 4 different corners of India. Featuring 8 rappers, 36 dancers, and 7 artists, the video has been shot in locations that represent the Indian street in the most authentic and iconic way. The stage is free of frills but full of character. A local train in Mumbai, steps of Shillong, sprayed walls of Madurai, and the heart of Delhi – each environment represented true to its most basic nature.

Featuring in the video is Divine, a rapper born and bred in the streets of Mumbai, along with hip-hop artists like Prabh Deep, Khasi Bloodz and Madurai Souljour – each contributing to the song in Hindi, Punjabi, Khasi and Tamil respectively. The dancers include Mukti Mohan, and crews such as Unity Crew, Unity One, Black Ice Crew and Beast Mode Crew. The larger than life art creations are handled by Shilo Shiv Suleman, Zake, Anpu, The Indian Artist and Baadal Nanjundaswamy.

The pace is so fast, it leaves you gasping. As a multitude of colors unfolds before your eyes, you forget everything else and feel the beat. The video pans from the local trains in Mumbai where Divine starts off the rap asking the listener to try and walk in his shoes. We get a close up of Shilo coloring up the streets and then Mukti Mohan, as she starts off with her moves. The viewer is then seamlessly taken across alleys in Shillong, the gully made famous by Delhi 6, and the streets of Madurai.

The scale of graffiti is breathtaking in every single location. Sneha Khanwalkar’s beats are on-point and set the mood right. Sasha Rainbow (the director), uses sharp cuts and unique angles to show the subtle quirks and nuances of the artists. The overall video does justice to what creative youth is all about. From neon lights to the dance crews killing it on the streets, Suede Gully captures the essence of the Indian hustle with an unparalleled ease.

Rap music in India is in a transitional phase. The lyrics that once used to be all about cars, girls and guns, are slowly transitioning into something more contemplative and articulate while keeping the charm intact. Suede Gully is much more than a mere music video. It is an emotion, a symbiosis of everything that represents the street. Its music grows on you and the louder it is, the more you enjoy it. The lyrics touch your soul and make you think. The visuals are a treat for the eyes. Everything, from the precise tune changes to the integration of languages and the mix of the graffiti, rangoli and street art portrays a delightful and matchless synergy.

This one is not to be missed.