In a bizarre news that one must have read in a while, Iran’s education department has come up with the new announcement as per which ‘ugly’ teachers have been banned from entering the field of teaching. Those teachers who have an acne problem, facial hair, moles, eczema, acne, or are cross-eyed will not be allowed in the classrooms.

It does not stop here the list, that the department has officially published, also states that the teachers who have infections, infertility, cancer, bladder stones will be prevented from entering the classrooms and those who have colour blindness will not be allowed to become arts teacher.

The list went viral after FARS news agency published the document, the agency also stated that because of all the conditions now more teachers are spending more time on medicine and treatment rather than on their training. Those who have less than 20 teeth will also be sacked.

As these rules have been criticised on the social media, a close aide of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has assured that the list which the education department has published will be investigated. In Iran, women are allowed to teach but on the condition that they had to cover their head with a scarf.

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Some social media users also said that if these rules are implemented in full then Stephen Hawking will not be allowed to take classes in Iran.

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Ahmad Medadi, a human rights activists and a former teacher said, “The physical and mental conditions of a teacher have a direct impact on the education process, but these guidelines are a clear violation of citizens’ rights.”

(Source: Euro News, The Sun)

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