There are very few people who do not think twice before saving someone else’s life even when they know that the risk that they are going to take might put their life in danger. And one such person is a Connecticut-based woman, Shanta Jordan who saved a child’s life by jumping in front of a speeding car.

The whole incident took place at Junco’s in Bridgeport in Connecticut and was captured on CCTV.The impact of the high speeding car hitting them was such that both Jordan and child flew into the air and fell down. The passer-buyers rushed to the spot to help them. Both suffered serious injuries and were taken to the hospital where doctors feared that both the legs of the child might be amputated but after successful surgeries, they manage to save his legs.

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Police Chief A. J Perez said, “I truly believe that it would’ve been a fatality,” if Jordan would not have for boy’s rescue. If she didn’t step in, the child would have been in direct contact with the motor vehicle and against the wall and most likely he would have perished, he would have died”. “She is a heroine, that’s what she is. She is a great person and she is an asset to this community”, he added.

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Jordan and child are still in the hospital and recovering. For the courage that she showed Jordan will be honoured at City Hall next week. The driver of the high-speeding car also suffered injuries and was hospitalized. He was later arrested for reckless driving.

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