A woman has been caught on camera being dragged off a Delta flight by two uniformed officers after she failed to comply with boarding formalities. The incident took place at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport before the plane took off for San Diego.

Despite repeated requests, the woman did not agree to deboard the plane after which the cops had to forcefully evict her out of the plane. The clip of the woman being dragged has been posted on YouTube by a user Rene deLambert, who says that the woman rushed inside the plane without mandatory checks.

The unnamed woman was arrested for violation of airport rules, and charges against her are pending.

The video shows that the woman is being dragged down the aisle by her arms, while she is lying flat on her back. There have been no details of whether the woman was injured in the incident.


The passengers can be seen craning their necks while they watched police officers drag her out of the plane.

Some witnesses claimed that the woman was “mouthy and had a huge attitude.” They also claim that she was arguing that she “deserved overhead bin space.”