Voting for the 2016 US Presidential polls began on Tuesday morning in Dicksville Notch, New Hampshire.

Two major candidates in fray are Donald Trump from the Republican party and his Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton. More than 120 million Americans are exercising their right to vote for electing the superpower’s 45th president.

The ongoing elections have generated a lot of excitement with the pollsters predicting a close finish for either of the two presidential nominees.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a 70 per cent chance of winning the White House race against her Republican rival Donald Trump, a top American pollster has said on the eve of what is being described as the most crucial election in decades.

“Hillary Clinton has a 70 per cent chance of winning the election,” said FiveThirtyEight website’s Nate Silver, who accurately predicted the outcome of 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.

This is up from a 65 per cent chance on Sunday night, so Clinton, 69, has had a good run in the polls in the final days of the campaign, he said.

Clinton’s projected margin of victory in the popular vote has increased to 3.5 per cent from 2.9 per cent, Silver said. In the 19 latest polls taken into account by the poll, Clinton is leading in 17 polls while Trump, 70, leads in just two polls.