Everyone wants to get rid of the traffic which they have to face during the rush hours.  There are times when one has to wait for hours in long queues which not only gets you late to your office but also your petrol and diesel also get waste. One cribs about it everyday but the next day they follow the same routine. But it seems that a Germany based man has found a solution to this problem.

Benjamin David who was tired of waiting in traffic everyday has come up with an idea to not stuck in traffic, he now swims to office. Yes, he goes to work by swimming. He swims in Munich’ Isar River for about 2 km with his bag strap on. River Isar originates from The Alps and the temperatures of the river varies from time to time butr it did not deter him.

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He packs his clothes, shoes, laptop and other necessary item in a waterproof bag after which he is ready to swim to work. But he also take some steps such as he always makes it a point to check the water current, water level, temperature and some other meteorological factors. Also, he dresses up as per the weather be it trunks or a wetsuit.

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On asked what are passersby reaction when they see him swimming to reach office, Benjamin said that he sees some of them laughing at him and then there are some who ask him what made him take such a step. But all these things does not bother him and he enjoys going to office by swimming. He finds it very relaxing.

(Source: CGTN)

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