A thief who tried to rob an ATM machine has become a social media sensation due to the choice of vehicle. The thief drove an excavator and then used it to smash the ATM. However, he received the shock of his life, as all his effort went into vain as he left without getting a single dollar out of the machine.

Police said the excavator was stolen from a construction site and the suspect drove it five miles to reach the spot.

Following the incident, the police released a statement in which it claimed that they’ve seen some crazy stuff with ATMs and all, but they haven’t seen something like this before.

Not only did the man not make zilch in his attempted loot but he ended up causing damage of about $10,000 to the ATM. Police has released footage of the failed robbery that took place on June 1 in Maryland, US and are looking for the suspect.

Video Courtesy: YouTube

Police said that they believe the same man was involved in a different ATM theft in 2016.

Earlier, in 2015, thieves used a stolen excavator to smash their way into a service station and steal an ATM north east of Melbourne. The excavator was on the back of a truck stolen from a Kinglake earth-moving business between 3am and 4am.

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