While we have often heard of arguments breaking out between teachers and parents over mistreatment of their children in schools but a family in Pakistan’s Lahore took things too far when they killed a teacher for scolding their child for not taking his studies seriously and misbehaving in the class.

According to a report in Pakistan’s express tribune, Rizwan Tanveer, the principal at a school in Badami Bagh area of Lahore, had admonished his student Bilal for not taking his studies seriously. The incident did not go down well with the boy’s family. Boy’s family members stormed into the school on Monday and brutally thrashed the principal and his wife with clubs. Both the victims suffered severe injuries while the man succumbed to his wounds, his wife is still in hospital.

Meanwhile, police have registered an FIR against the suspects named Rashid, Sultan and two others on the complaint of Rizwan’s brother-in-law, Nadeem. Earlier, police took custody of the body for autopsy and collected forensic evidence from the crime scene. Later they handed over the body to the family. The incident has raised  concerns over the safety of the teachers who at times have to deal strictly with the child to get them to study harder.