The United States President-to-be Donald Trump would have been tonsured in front of the entire world had he lost this bet of his. However, he won the bet and tonsured his opponent with the entire world watching. Donald Trump has this unique distinction of being the only United States President to have tonsured a billionaire on national television.

This incident happened in 2007. Donald Trump had made a few appearances in WWE. During the theatrics, Donald Trump had a big fight with WWE owner Vince McMahon. Wrestler Umaga was fighting for McMohan and Bobby Lashley was fighting for Donald Trump. Stone Cold Steve Austin was refereeing the match.

Donald Trump’s contestant Bobby Lashley beat Umaga with a little bit of help by referee Austin. After the match, Donald Trump caught hold of Vince McMahon, also a billionaire, with the help of Bobby Lashley and Steve Austin. They tied him to the chair and tonsured McMahon.

Before that, Donald Trump even body-slammed him.

Though Donald Trump had won the bet, he was rusty as far as the acting is concerned. As WWE is more about performance, Trump’s appearance in the event can’t be judged as a great show.

Donald Trump won the United States presidential elections, surprising the poll pundits who had placed their bets on the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. Clinton called Donald Trump to concede. Trump later in a speech said it was a hard-fought election.

Trump registered wins in Florida, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, and Indiana which are massive states in terms of electoral votes. The Republican candidate’s gain in these states proved to be decisive. Among the big states, Hillary Clinton won New York and California, but that was not enough for the Democrat candidate to reach the magic number of 270. In the United States, a candidate that wins 270 votes out of the electoral college’s strength of 538 becomes the President of the country.