A survey by the Pew Research Center has revealed that Hindus are the most highly educated religious group in the United States of America. The chart published by Pew is based on a survey of 35,000 adults in 2014.

Hindus are also most likely to have a postgraduate degree, with 48% having one in comparison to 31% of Jews. It shows that 77% of American Hindus have a college degree in stat contrast to the average of 27% for all US adults.

American Hindus are also likely to have higher incomes. Nearly 43% of them earn $100,000 or more, compared to just 16% of Christians of all denominations and 21% of unaffiliated groups.

After Indians, Unitarian Universalists were the second in line at 67% which were most likely to have a college degree. The Jews came third with 59% who are getting a degree.