It seems India is not the only country that is bearing the brunt of fake Babas and Tantriks but the menace continues to plague Indian communities abroad also. The UK Police have cautioned the Indian immigrants living in East Midlands’ Leicester to refrain from using services of the bogus faith healers who promise love and luck while laughing their way to banks.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, many people have fallen victim to such babas and parted with thousands of pounds with no results. One such healer with the name of Kamal-ji”, who swindled many in the UK, the US and Canada, was jailed last year, and another met the same fate last week.

Kamal-ji alias Mohammed Ashrafi, who was already facing nine years in prison, got an extension of five years after he failed to pay back £613,500 conned from his victims. He reportedly owns property in India, reports Hindustan Times.

Anasudhin Azeez, the Indian-origin editor of Asian Lite, says he refuses to take such advertisements but they constantly approach him.

“Every week, we get at least three phone calls from ‘babas’ who want to advertise. They are ready to pay whatever the charge in the rate card. Since we never carry such adverts, we often get threats in the form of parcels containing ashes, hair, egg shells, threads, lemons and small metal bits scribbled with ‘slokas’, but it all goes straight into the bin,” he told HT.