In forwarding a olive branch to India, China on Wednesday acknowledged Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s positive remark on the relations between two countries but also stood firm on its stand on Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar and National Suppliers Group issue.

China’s foreign ministry ensured that the country is committed to respect India’s core interest which was an apparent reply to PM Modi’s statement in which he had asked neighbouring countries to show sensitivity and respect for each other’s interests and core concerns.

It is a known fact that both the countries have different views on some issues that includes India’bid for a ban by UN on JEM’s chief Masood Azhar. Azhar, has been involved with many terrorist attacks in India.

Earlier too, China has opposed the ban on Azhar and was the single country among 14 others who was against any kind of ban on him.

Other matter is China’s resistance for India’s membership in Nuclear Suppliers Group. The reaction did not go down well with US and it also lashed out at China for taking the step.

On questiong about the issue, Finance Ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying said, “So these two issues should not be stumbling blocks for China-India to develop their relationship. We need to look forward and seek common ground to maintain our mutually beneficial cooperation and together seek a solution on these issues”.