Hours after polls began to close, the presidential race was extremely close on Tuesday evening, with Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are running a close battle. Trump is gaining ground in several battleground states leaving many seats too close to call.

Here is a list of key states which will determine the presidency in the current elections.

Florida: America’s 3rd largest state with 29 electoral votes, the presidency has been won in the past in Florida. Florida has diverged from the nation at large just once in 1960s. It’s a neck and neck battle in Florida where Clinton and Trump are in a close race.

Apart from Florida, Ohio also has a near-perfect record of picking the president over the past five decades.

Ohio: The 7th largest state with 18 electoral votes, the results in Ohio have mirrored the national outcome in every election since 1960. If the Republican takes Ohio, his road to the White House will become a lot clearer.

Arizona: With 11 votes, Arizona has been a Republican stronghold. Thus, Donald Trump should be confident of winning the state but with an increasingly large number of Hispanic voters, Hillary Clinton could have an upper hand. Democrats however, have won the state just once in 1996.

Georgia: Since 1992, Democrats have never been backed by Georgia. They have always supported the Republicans by a five-point margin in 2008 and almost eight points in 2012. But the state has become excruciatingly competitive after a poll showed Clinton trailing Trump by just one point.

Colorado: The Democrats have a well-established lead in Colorado. Obama won the state by a five-point margin in 2010 but since Trump has been too close in the fight.

Nevada: Polls in Nevada have been on a see-saw running back and forth in favour of both Trump and Clinton. The state may give a strong hint as to who will end up taking the coveted seat in the White House. Democrats claim that the Latino and Asian-American communities will be enough to secure a return for them.