A man from Britain has made the headlines worldwide as he has become the first man from the country to deliver a baby. 21-year-old Hayden Cross has earlier announced that he got pregnant by the sperm donor. He gave birth to a girl at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on June 16.

As per a report in the UK daily, The Sun, Hayden Cross was born a girl named Paige but for past three years, he had been living legally as a man and was undergoing hormone treatment to transform from woman to man. He also wanted to have a baby and before the completion of the transition process he asked the UK’s state- funded National Health Service (NHS) to freeze his eggs by which he will be able to have children in future, however,  NHS did not agree to it.

When Hayden Cross found a sperm donor via Facebook, he put his transition process on hold and got successfully pregnant. After giving birth to a daughter, he is now planning to complete his gender realignment.

About his daughter, Hayden Cross was quoted as saying, “She’s perfect in every way… she is so good. I’m so lucky,”. He has named his daughter Trinity-Leigh.

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During one of the interviews, Hayden Cross revealed that he received death threats when he  announced his pregnancy. He in an interview said, “I’ve had some good reactions and bad ones.I’ve had death threats, people threatening to beat me up.But a lot of ­people don’t really understand the situation. I want them to be more aware.”

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Hayden Cross who was previously employed in a clothes shop said that he will start looking for a job once the baby turns one.


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