If you do not get something in one attempt, try, try, try till your privilege shines through. After 15 days of being on Air India’s no-fly list, Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad’s ban has been revoked. Gaikwad had been banned from flying AI after he physically assaulted a 60-year-old staffer 25 times with a slipper, while abusing and threatening him relentlessly.

In the days post the ban, Gaikwad stubbornly kept on trying to book a flight via Air India but his request was repeatedly turned down. He even made a terribly ill-worded, mostly melodramatic speech in the parliament. When even that didn’t turn out in his favour, Gaikwad wrote a letter to Ashok Gajapathi, the Civil Aviation Minister,’regretting’ his actions. Totally normal behaviour, TBH. Nothing even remotely disturbing about rules being bent to accommodate a powerful man.

The only thing to come out of this fiasco is the fact that Gaikwad’s triggered the inner poet of many on Twitter. After Indian economist Bibek Debroy tweeted out a limerick in the loving memory of the AI saga, his followers enthusiastically took it up as a challenge. Here’s the best of the best according to us: