Indian freestyle wrestler and 2016 Summer Olympics bronze medal winner, Sakshi Malik has a message for you. You, who fight to make ends meet. You, who do more than your body permits. You, who pushes the boundary, stretches the goalpost, shoots the damn ball out of the park. You, who live the struggle and still refuse to give up.

Every women is a fighter. Whatever be her profession, wherever she may be. ‘You think I’m the only Sakshi who fights?’, asks Sakshi. Dressed in her wrestling tights, and then as a police constable, as a sweeper, as a chef, as a nurse, as a firefighter – Sakshi shows us how every woman is fighting the same old fight.

Every year on Women’s Day, celebrities and common people alike share numerous quotes, share inspiring articles, pat each other’s backs and talk of empowerment of women. But perhaps it is high-time that there is some concrete work for the upliftment of those with social media accounts. Do you agree?