Uber and Ola have almost become a necessity for office-goers and youngsters who either have erratic working hours or who like hanging out with their friends but due to non-availability of public transport services late in the night or during the wee hours, these apps are the only thing they can bank on. But with Delhi-NCR becoming unsafer for women (and for everyone, in general) day-by-day, even with numerous cases and complaints against Uber and Ola drivers for their misbehaviour, nothing much seems to be changing. On Wednesday, another incident of a woman’s ‘harrowing  Uber experience’ (now it seems like these words almost go together) came to light when she decided to take a cab late in the night.

The woman who’s a journalist with a leading media house booked an Uber when she was at a friend’s house in Noida. The cab arrived at around 11 pm and after an hour what all happened with her will send shivers down your spine. Her experience is more than harrowing and the mere thought of the possibility of what ‘could have happened’ is disturbing.

She shared her experience in a series of tweets:

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The woman dropped a complaint with Uber India after her disturbing experience and Uber responded with this:

Hope Uber and Ola be more careful while selecting it drivers because so many complaints in such a few years is not something to be proud of.

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