The holy month of Ramadan is here and devout followers of Islam all over the world are observing a fast for a period of one month. The month of Ramadan is considered the holiest of all and the devout abstain from even thinking negatively about someone/something or even themselves. The spirit of the festival is such that it teaches everyone to spread love,  happiness and not to hurt anyone’s feelings deliberately. A much-awaited video song of celebrated singer, Rahet Fateh Ali Khan is out and it is a must watch for everyone who believes in beauty of relationships, beauty of sharing and beauty of doing good deeds irrespective of any situation they may be in.

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The video shows an underpriviliged devout mother and son, who are observing fast during Ramadan. The beauty of the video lies in the fact that in mere 6 minutes, it shows the struggle of the mother-son duo and how hard they work for their survival and how their good nature helps them win over beautiful relationships. The video shows the mother making delicacies and the child going out to sell them in afternoon in searing heat. The video is apltly titled Barkat-e-Ramzan, where ‘Barkat’ literally translates to prosperity and abundance and it shows how both, the mother and son’s efforts finally fructify and eventually succeed in having their own cute little food stall. The video spreads the message of love, understanding and compassion and that too in an extremely beautiful way.

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