After a video of two private buses being driven rashly in Tamil Nadu went viral on the social media, the police registered cases against more than 30 private bus drivers plying on the route and also detained the buses.

The buses were racing each other on the Coimbatore-Pollachi highway. The video taken by a motorcylist, left many hearts pounding. What the passengers may have gone through can’t be imagined. The licenses of both the drivers have also been suspended.

Cases were registered against the drivers in the video under the Motor Vehicles Act. ABS Ayyappa Bus Service driver V Nagaraj and SVT Sreevelavan Transport’s Chakravathy were identified as the traffi defaulters.

According to reports, in a bid to draw more passengers and reach their destinations on time, these bus drivers race their way through on the roads, risking the lives of passengers. The Tamil Nadu government is trying to fight the root cause of such accidents, however, the drivers must understand the contingency of such events. RTO officials said they would conduct a meeting with private bus owners to find a solution.

Over the past few months, action against traffic defaulters has brought down road accidents on this stretch from 12 in February to five in March to just one in April.