“Watch out drunk uncles at wedding ceremonies! Pervez Musharraf’s dance moves are hear to give you a run for your money”.

Gone are the days when Naagin dance used to be the signature move of drunk uncles at wedding ceremonies. Pervez Musharraf has finally done something that he failed to do during his tenure as the Prime Minister. He has managed to be a trailblazer and has set the bar high (for a change) in ‘drunk dancing.

Hamid Mir, a Pakistani journalist tweeted a grainy video which shows a possibly drunk Musharraf dancing at the nightclub to the song “Dilli Walli Girlfriend“. Recently, Pervez Musharraf complained of chronic and severe back ache.

Apparantly, Musharraf’s back ache is gone for good. The man is flaunting some epic dance moves on the dance floor, so much so that they can give the drunk uncles at parties some serious competition.

Gone are the days when Naagin dance was the Holy Grail of drunk Indian wedding dancing.
It has now been replaced by the Musharraf’s signature move which involves moving the chest and the legs like a person having a hissy fit.

It seems like Musharraf’s self-exile couldn’t be more happening given all the drinking and the partying that’s been going on.

If that’s what exile looks like, count me in!