When John Oliver questioned people on his show about what they think of Dalai Lama, the answers that he got were synonyms like “peaceful”, “respect”, “inspiration”. In a hilarious episode recorded in Dharmsala, John Oliver spoke to Dalai Lama, one of the most outspoken spiritual leaders. You just don’t want to miss this.

Oliver spoke to him on several issues ranging from issues concerning China, Dalai Lama’s reincarnation, and horse milk as well. “The Chinese government absolutely hate you. Don’t they?” was the first question that Oliver posed to the spiritual leader. And no points for guessing, he said absolutely “yes.”

But why does the government make him look like an “evil wolf”? A laughing Dalai Lama even added saying he is not just an evil wolf he is also a “demon with horns” because that is the classic demon.

“I have no negative feelings but I just feel like laughing at them. I practice taking others suspicion, mistrust and give them patience, tolerance, and compassion,” he said. “Whatever they want to say, that is their freedom. I have no negative feeling. I just feel love,” he added.

It was in 1959 that Dalai Lama had fled to India from Tibet. Time and again, China has been threatening India over the spiritual leader. however, India has always maintained that the Tibetian monk is free to travel in any part of India, asserting that his visits are purely religious.