AIB (All India Bakchod) and smartphone maker OnePlus, have come up with a highly imaginative video ‘If Apps Were People’, featuring popular stand-up comedians Mallika Dua as ‘sleazy’ Tinder, Kaneez Surka as ‘artist’ Instagram, Sumukhi Suresh as Facebook, Tanmay Bhatt as Battery Saver and others as Whatsapp, Snapchat, Alarm Maa, Message (SMS) Bapu, Contacts and ‘copycat’ Truecaller. Have you ever imagined if Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tinder, Truecaller, Tinder were actual people talking to you? AIB and OnePlus did and the outcome is a hilarious video that you just cannot miss mainly because you would find it so relatable.

So , working with AIB for the first time, artist Urooj Ashfaq is playing a regular youngster Supriya, who decides to sleep but is majorly distracted by the constant app notifications. Rings a bell, doesn’t it? So, before sleeping she tells her ‘Alarm Maa’ to wake her up at 8 am, and also set the alarms for 8.15, 8.20 and 8.30, because obviously, how can one alarm is never enough? LOL.

As soon as she lies down on her bed, a Facebook notification disturbs her sleep but wait she decided to sleep on time. What happens next is some absolutely insane conversations between Facebook and Supriya, Facebook and Instagram, Supriya and Instagram, Supriya and Snapchat, Supriya and ‘Whatsapp Kaka’, ‘Whatsapp Kaka’ and Contacts, and so on and so forth. Poor ‘Messages Bapu’ has no role except for lying in one corner of the room delivering useless OTPs, and spam messages, for which no one cares about. True story! Enough said, time to enjoy the video now.

Watch   it here: