IIT-JEE examination is held every year and lakhs of students appear for it to get through to one of India’s most prestigious institutes, Indian Institute of Technology. Of course, the examination is not an easy nut to crack but everyone knows that it isn’t that difficult as well because after all people do clear it. An Oxford University under-graduate student, Jack Fraser thought of solving the JEE paper and apparently, solved it in one-third of the time which is usually given for the examination. How do we know all this, you ask ? Quora.

One of the Quora users put out a question ‘What’s the worst response you have received on Quora?’ That’s when Jack Fraser shared his horrific experience.


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Apparently, Jack tried solving a JEE question paper when he saw a post put out under the page Jack Fraser (Quora User), which went something like ‘Can Jack Fraser solve the JEE paper?’ Jack Fraser, actually tried to sit down with the paper and with 3 years of studying physics at the University, it was easy for him to solve the paper in one-third of the time. But when he shared this bit about solving the paper in a matter of few minutes, a few Indians got offended and started abusing him, as per Jack’s Quora post.



Although Quora resolved the issue and the entire post was deleted. But as Jack mentions in his post, he doesn’t know if it was just one guy with several fake profiles or an actual group of people, they found Jack and his family on Facebook and started sending his mother obscene photographs and threatened his brother.



In the end, he also got quite a few messages from Indians who apologised to him on the behalf of these menace-creators, but Jack added in his post

To the hundreds of people flooding to the comments section and my inbox to apologise for these people and assert that it’s not all Indians – no need.

I am in fact madly in love with one of your countrywomen, and am perfectly aware that this is a small, idiotic minority. There is no need to fret that I am tarring all Indians with the same brush!

This is the Quora thread ‘What’s the worst response you’ve received on Quora?’, to which Jack Fraser responded to.

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