It seemed like a regular Monday morning. Waking up late, skipping breakfast and feeling like a zombie as you head to work. Then, everything changed when I logged into Twitter. I thought I’d just checking up on the trends for a second. No harm there, right? I’d never been so wrong.

Unlike every other Monday, despondency hit a little early today as I re-read the top trend- ‘#TheresNothingMoreSexier’. What the…

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“More Sexier”? Who came up with this hashtag? How did it become the top trend? Is Grammar dead? Did we miss the funeral?

Scrolling through the tweets, things started to make some sense.

Okay, a LOT of sense.

There were some who didn’t reveal their political affiliations but were stupid nonetheless.

Okay, we are going to let that last one slide. After the trending hashtag had had its share of glory, it was hijacked by a dangerous society that all men fear, the nerds. Those who conform to the rules set by the Queen’s language, and once they showed up to the party, it was a complete laugh riot.

Once the error had been pointed out and people saw the error in their ways, there were still some defiant souls who chose to stick with their “more sexier” incorrectness.

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