A brewery in the United States has successfully tested a beer using treated sewage water! Yes you read that right, a brewery in San Diego, California, has made a beer using recycled, treated sewage water and is a part of San Diego’s plan, “Pure water San Diego”, to get a third of its water from recycled sources by 2021.

Stone Brewing, has named the drink as ‘Full Circle Pale Ale’. Mayor Kevin Faulconer was one of the first to taste the beer, who said that it was delicious, in spite of its unsavory origins.

The beer was created by Steve Gonzalez, Stone Brewing senior manager of brewing and innovation. He produced five barrels of the beverage with the recycled water.

Gonzalez reportedly said that he was initially skeptical about using recycled water but now considers the resulting beverage one of his favorites.

Some at the event had reservations before trying the beer, however, after tasting it, everybody was surprised, as the taste was unexpectedly good. Some described it as hoppy and delicious.

The Full Circle Pale Ale is not for sale yet, but the makers are hoping to make it available soon for the public. The Pure Water San Diego program is expected to clean enough wastewater to provide one-third of San Diego’s water supply.