If genies were real, the most popular wish they would probably get would be to be able to eat a lot and still be skinny. But sadly, they are not real and we have a little something called physics. Food doesn’t just disappear once inside the body, as much as we would like it to be. What if we were to tell you that there exists a competitive eater who also happens to moonlight as a model? This girl from New Zealand, 25-year-old Nela Zisser, is that person y’all want to be.

Nela Zisser earned the title of Miss Earth New Zealand in the year 2013. However, if you were to ask her how she keeps her diet in check to maintain her figure… she doesn’t. She is also a competitive eater, i.e., she gobbles up massive amounts of food.

Nela Zisser, Model, Competitive Eater

(Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ Nela Zisser )

If you were to browse through her Instagram, you would find that Nela has no trouble gorging anything at all. From burgers and pizzas to hotdogs and chicken nuggets, Nela devours it all with such ease as if it were a cakewalk (ooh.. cake!).

New video coming tonight Over 8000 calories of Cheesecake!

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Just in case you wanna call BS like, “no way this girl can eat THAT much,” she posts videos of herself racing against time to reach that last bite.

Isn’t she just awesome? Check out some of her photos below that are sure to get you lusting after some grub:

Filming an epic challenge!

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Filming some epic stuff today @texaschickennz

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Who likes English breakfasts?

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Ever seen someone eat 10 ft of sandwiches?!

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Extreme snacking

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