However brave we might try to be, there has always been a time for everyone when we have been a little jumpy with the thought of ghosts. And argue as much as you like, movies like The Ring and The Exorcist have us convinced ghosts of little children are legit the most frightening of them all (unless there’s a ghost doll). Now, imagine you had to share an apartment with a little child ghost just running around the house… Creepy, right? Well, the horror is real for at least one man. Adam Ellis is convinced that there is a haunting spirit of a dead child living in his apartment and that it is trying to kill him!

Adam (30) shares his apartment in New York City with a ghost apparently (and two of his cats that actually make this whole story creepier). The first time Adam encountered the ghost named ‘Dear David’, who seems to have his head bashed in, he was dreaming but now he believes that little David has “crossed over into the real world now.”

Adam Ellis, Dead Child Ghost, Dear David

Adam drew a sketch of what ‘Dear David’ looks like.

Adam has detailed the entire recurring hauntings in a Twitter thread and frankly, we are all a little worried about him.

It started off slow, just like it does in movies…

Then it escalated really quickly:

Poor Adam even tried moving out of his apartment but, it did not help…

What do you think he should do?

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