They say superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. Some wear capes and gleam in pride of their machismo; some hide their identity and spend their lives leading a normal life. And then, some are kids. Don’t believe me? Well, after looking at this cute but enormously strong toddler, you would!

Meet Arat Hosseini – a real life ‘Spider-kid’ from Iran. He’s just three years old but his stunts can leave even professionals behind. Extremely complicated somersaults, walkovers and balancing splits – nothing is too much for him. As kids, we all dreamt of becoming our favourite superheroes so that we can sway in style like Spiderman, wear capes and fight crime like Batman, or be gorgeous and deadly like wonder woman but this kid is actually living the dream.

The adorable kid has become an internet sensation and is taking social media by storm. For starters, he scales walls of his house and can apparently climb up to 10 feet high. He lifts weights, has already perfected somersaults, pushups, splits and crazy press-ups and can jump across 130cms.

Arat has his own Instagram page namely ‘arat.gym’ where he enjoys a huge fan following of 7.7 lakh people. It has about 460 posts which are a culmination of small videos showing Arat’s awesomeness to the world.

Check out his awesome videos…

A post shared by Arat Hosseini (@arat.gym) on

A post shared by Arat Hosseini (@arat.gym) on

For all we can say, he is a real-life Spiderman, who will give the actual Spiderman a run for his money!