If you were just about to get over the catchy Spanish tunes of Despacito. It is necessary that we take a moment of silence in respect for someone who concocted this brilliant parody of an already almost perfect song by Luis Fonsi. Depacito Parody “I wear Speedos” is a hilarious version of the viral song that had taken the internet by storm. In less than two days, the gimmicky version by Mikey Bustos has crossed 4.5 Million views and become the 4th most trending video in the United States of America.

However, Luis may never have in his wildest dreams imagined something so pure as the Spanish lyrics of his song being twisted into a vile parody. And while people may hate all those who are trying to put themselves on the map by singing covers of Despacito, we can’t help but swaying to the amazing tunes of this mockery.

Set in the background of a lavish beach and men dancing in speedos, this parody only gets whackier with every line. “I prefer to be moving free when I swim, no extra clothing to wear me down,” can actually be the tune for everyone heading to Goa in the off-season sale.


“Beach is where I like to work on my sun-kissed skin, but I make sure I am evenly brown,” can be the anthem of every crazy tourist ever looking to get the perfect tan.


The video is actual proof that almost anyone can become a singer and rap or sing to the tune, if only they would have so much guts as this guy. In his overconfident candour he sings to the girls watching him on the beach: “You see me passing by in my small swim suit, you cannot believe your eyes that I am almost nude…”


Perhaps even you could give this a try, take your favourite tune and make it rhyme? ‘Coz hey, everyone can be a singer!


And if nothing works, just talk about what is going on in your life. Whether you are a work or maybe walking in the rain, you can basically sway to the beat of your everyday routine.


On his Facebook handle @mikeybustos, he has been going crazy over the fact that the meme video gained so much traction. Mikey Bustos was also one of the Top 10 finalists in Canadian Idol Season 1, and surely gives us some singing goals.

“Like and share the video with all your amigooos…” he signs off, and we can’t help but comply to his wishes.

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You can watch the original version, if you must, but we all know who wins this round:

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