Relationships are hard to maintain but they are really nothing compared to what dating can put you through. You might argue that dates are easier to sever out of your lives as compared to a girlfriend or a boyfriend but, it is the filtering process to find an actual person who is not annoying that can get pretty frustrating. It is this unfiltered raw quality of the dating culture that makes it very easy for people to have terrible experiences, especially on first dates.

People on Twitter are now detailing their worst, most torturous experiences and some of them are so bad, you will cringe (or laugh really hard if you have sadistic tendencies). On the plus side, they might make you feel better about your bad dates. And we mean, a WHOLE lot better….

With the hashtag #WorstFirstDate, Twitterati are now sharing the trauma they had to endure in their dating lives. Here are some of the most awesome tweets from people describing their worst first dates:

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