Women were told to aim for flawlessness – perfect skin, hourglass figure, hair, and were taught to dislike stretch marks, body hair, saggy skin, and to be discreet about menstruation and their sexual desires. But not anymore. People are realising these are not things to be ashamed of. And art is turning out to be the biggest game changer in the fight for body positivity. From the changing times of cinema, fashion industry, painting, to photography, artists are questioning the gender narrative and exploring women’s sexuality, menstruation and their bodies imperfections. Cinta Tort Cartró’s Instagram photos are proof of that.

This 21-year-old’s perception about female anatomy – is rainbow colours and glitter. No, seriously. Cinta, who goes by the pen name ‘Zinteta’, uses rainbow paints and lots of glitters as an astounding symbolism for stretch marks, period blood, saggy love handles.

The Barcelona based artist is inspiring thousands of people to embrace their imperfections and foster self-love. Her project has gained a wide popularity and she enjoys a decent fan base of 22.9k followers.

Without further ado, let’s show you her Instagram project which is full of amazing:

A post shared by ¿ Cinta Tort Cartró (@zinteta) on

A post shared by ¿ Cinta Tort Cartró (@zinteta) on

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