A day after Dhinchak Pooja tragically lost all her videos, a video of Sonu Nigam singing Dilon ka Shooter has surfaced on YouTube. The video shows the singer sitting in a car joking about how Kumar Sanu would sing Dilon ka shooter. Even though Sonu is an amazing singer, one of the best ones we have, the video is a tad bit depressing. Hearing one of the finest voices in India sing disastrous songs like this is pretty scarring for those who’ve grown up listening to Deewana Tera and Bijuria!

Sonu is seen recording the song against his son’s wishes (as mentioned on his Facebook post), in Kumar Sanu’s style with a quintessential 90s touch. It was way more tolerable than Dhinchak Pooja’s version, but it lacked the zing that our Dhinchak queen added to the original song.

Check out the post he made on Facebook:

He said: Despite Nevaan (his son) is against the idea, I just can’t resist sharing this 😀 this has been going through my head the entire night in Calgary. I have to express it out now that I’m in London. 😀 Giving a little tune to Dilon ka shooter…. Kumar Sanu da style.

This video was shot a day before Dhinchak Pooja was wiped off of YouTube. Coincidence? Or is Sonu secretly a plotting to take our rockstar Dhinchak Pooja down? We’re probably overthinking though.

Check out the video here:

Dhinchak Pooja’s original version:

Dhinchak Pooja or Sonu Nigam, whose version do you like better? tell us in the comments below!