If you were to put your dreams into a song, a poem, a sketch or an illustration, what would it look like? Ever wondered? If you’re among the ones who have, Turkish visual artist Huseyin Sahin is here to give you a lot more than just an inkling of that answer.

Huseyin Sahin has been dubbed the ‘dream catcher’ for his extraordinary work and has 90k followers on Instagram thanks to his work. Using a combination of illustrations, Photoshop and photography, Sahin puts dreams into visuals in a way that is scarily close to reality. To be honest, most of us would not even be able to put our dreams into words and describe them to another person, isn’t it?

Aside of stills, Sahin has now begun using GIFs to make your dream watching experience a lot more surreal and calls them ‘digital collages’. Having worked in the advertising industry and as an art director, looking at things a lot more creatively than most of us is not somethin Sahin is new to, and that talent sure comes across in his work.

In an interview he told CNN, that the time each image takes varies from three hours to three days. He intends to re-create the world that exists in his mind and express it through this imagery to feel like he is touching his dreams. Since we are way too captivated with his work, it’s be unfair to keep you from seeing his work for any longer. So, here you go.

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