PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, an organisation that is known for actively working for the cause of animals and their dignified living has come under fire for ill-treating animals and for being deeply misogynistic in its ad campaigns. Twitter user CarysJO took on social media to expose how PETA’s marketing campaigns used women and objectified them in order to portray animal cruelty. As ironic as this sounds, CarysJO posted the advertisements as proof after another Lifestyle LGBT YouTuber, Calum McSwiggan claimed that PETA actually did more harm to animals and in the name of welfare for animals, it just mints profits to keep its business running.

PETA is known for working towards welfare for animals and protecting their rights to live a dignified life. There wouldn’t be anyone who wouldn’t be aware of the organisations as leading Hollywood and Bollywood stars have been actively campaigning for them in order to spread awareness about animal rights.

It is not something new and not the first time that PETA’s sexism has been called out, the organisation has been blatantly objectifying women for years now without paying heed to any criticism.

Carys posted these photographs in response to Calum McSwiggan’s when the latter exposed PETA’s claims of animal welfare as deeply flawed:

1. Celina Jaitely, Former Miss India and actress

2. WOW! Whales being compared with fat on a ‘woman’s body’ *Slow Clap*

3. Pamela Anderson, Hollywood actress and Model

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4. Sherlyn Chopra, Indian model and actress

5. Although another version of this one also featured a man, but still…WHY? 

5. Elen Rivas, Argentine actress

Some reactions to Carys’ post :

For those who don’t know, Argentina is quite popular for bullfighting. The comment below points out to the fact:

This one goes for Celina Jaitely’s ad:

The latest ad featuring Sunny Leone promoting Vegetarianism cannot missed here.

Yeah, because that’s what appeals to the ‘younger audience’. Don’t know how many would agree to that.

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