Ladies and gentlemen, today in bizarre we have the amazing story of a man who sent a stranger a dick pic as a challenge (we think). Madi Kohn, a college student in Arizona, US, wrote her Tinder bio as a threat to anyone in the habit of sending unsolicited dick pics. She wrote: “If you send me dick pics I will send them to your mom”. Childish as it may sound, Madi was convinced that this message would deter people from sending those utterly repulsive and unsought for photographs of penises.

May be not to her surprise (and anyone else’s too), one guy, who was not a match for Madi on Tinder, but nonetheless decided to take on a challenge nobody had really thrown – that of sending a dick pic just to test if she would make good on her threat. The guy actually went ahead and found her on Instagram through her Tinder profile and sent her the picture he really truly shouldn’t have.

Madi Kohn Tinder

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed and Tinder


Madi Kohn tinder

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

But staying true to her words, Madi, somehow, found out the guy’s mother on social media (isn’t social media an amazing thing) and forwarded her the picture sent by her son. And to Madi’s relief, who apologised for her son’s behaviour and assured Madi that she would talk to her son. But did it work? Did the guy feel guilty?

Madi Kohn Tinder

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

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The guy’s mother indeed spoke to him and immediately after that, he changed his name on Instagram account by removing his last name. But wait. That’s not all. He had the audacity to lash back at Kohn instead.

Speaking about privacy and consent, the sense of entitlement that he possesses is quite clear from what he told BuzzFeed. “I will say this if that was ‘me’ what she did was illegal. You can’t share those types of ‘private’ pics without consent. I am not sure if you are aware of that,” he was quoted as saying. He further added that his mother doesn’t know English and doesn’t understand what was going on. The heroism did not end there he also said, he would not press charges against Kohn “as long as she leaves me and my family alone.”

Wow. *Slow Clap*

Strange or are you on the guy’s side? Do share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

(Story Source: BuzzFeed)