Love is love but for a few people this simple concept becomes complicated when it comes to lesbian, gay, transsexual, bisexual and queer (LGBTQ) people choosing their partners. Last month, Russian republic of Chechenya was in news for allegedly opening the first gay concentration camp. Although homosexuality is not a criminal offence in Russia but the authorities find ways to discriminate against them. In what can be called the most beautiful way of protestever,  people across the globe have took to social media clicking kissing selfies to protest against this perpetual discrimaination against the LGBTQ community in Russia.

According to a report on a news media website, ‘as part of a social media campaign started by SSEX BBOX, a Brazilian activist group that describes itself as a social justice project that seeks to support diverse perspectives about sexuality and gender, LGBT Insta (sic) users are being encouraged to share pictures of themselves kissing their partners.’

As of now, a number of Instagram users have already posted their selfies with the #kiss4LGBTQrights and some are even tagging #MoscowKremlin, Moscow is the Russian capital and Kremlin is the Russian parliament. It is amazing to see that LGBTQ people, across the globe, are coming out in large numbers showing their solidarity and showcasing their strength through love and only love.


Love is not about “who” , but its all about “how” , stop think about it , just feel it

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#kiss4lgbtqrights Lutter pour la liberté, lutter pour nos différences, lutter pour nos droits.

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Porque feio é não amar. 17 de maio – dia internacional contra a homofobia #kiss4lgbtqrights

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When people ask me why we still have pride ? All you need to know is there are still 74 countries it is illegal to be Homosexual some the death penalty torture and prison for life . What’s happening in Chechnya right now gay men are currently be kidnapped and put in camps were there human rights are stripped away and are tortured and kept even killed over who they love .uou don’t need to any four than then your own city or community to see the hate. But please Remember LGBTQA rights are human right keep spreading the love and don’t ever stop #kiss4lgbtqrights #loveislove #keepkissing #lgbtqia #lgbtqrightsarehumanrights #lgbtcommunity #gaykiss #gaypride #lethbridgepridefest #gaypride2017 #gaymen #supergays #supergay #boyfriends #noirstars #proud #pride #yql #lethbridge

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