Just when you think you know everything about the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling goes ahead and drops a massive bomb on us. And she continues to do so, even after two decades of churning the first book out of the Harry Potter saga. On the 20th anniversary of Harry’s exploits, Rowling gave a shocker to all HP fans.

When Bloomsbury released the limited edition copies of the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on the 20th-anniversary celebration, the book came with footnotes of additional information. This brand new information revealed new angles that were previously not included in the story line. What a wonderful way to continue re-writing your book. Authors must be envying Rowling so much for this mischief that she has managed.


One footnote revealed that (wait for the drumroll):

Professor Sprout had a long-term relationship with Ravenclaw teacher Professor Flitwick.


While Rowling may have passed this off as small careless wondering in the book’s tiny  “Did you know?” section, what she didn’t understand that this was brand new information for her readers and perhaps Professor Flitwick too.


For all the Potter fans, they were happy to hear that there was a possibility of a love angle in Professor Sprout and Professor Flitwick’s story, but their brains were splattered all over the walls, wondering what could have possibly happened which led to this association.


To imagine that the head of Hufflepuff and the head of Ravenclaw were previously involved, oh what a wonderful sight it would have been, don’t you think?


Of all the random pairings that Rowling has managed to give us, this surely seems to be the oddest of the lot.


And then if we were just about to get excited about this trivia, Rowling went on to burst the bubble explaining that unfortunately for the unlikely lovers the relationship was not meant to last. The book goes on to explain that it didn’t work but they remained good friends.


While the book says that Professor Sprout was in a long term relationship with Professor Flitwick, it doesn’t quite add up to the juicy details that the Potter fans may expect of this short-lived affair.


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